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Product configurator Wöhner GmbH & Co. KG

Bus Bar Configurator

Wöhner is represented worldwide as a specialist for electrotechnical fuse systems in surface and busbar mounting. Wöhner supplies efficient system solutions in the field of "power distribution" as well as components for control and mechanical engineering.

CONFIGON enables interested parties, customers and internal users to configure busbar systems. All the components on the system can be configured online and the systems created in doing so can be positioned and connected in control cabinets. In addition to the configuration of the systems, the space-saving aspect of Wöhner products is also made clear to customers.

Our 3D configurator builds on Wöhner’s existing systems and familiar workflows. In doing so, complex busbar systems can be configured very easily and intuitively. First, the user defines the requirements (e.g. amperage, required voltage, etc.). Suitable busbar systems are then suggested and evaluated. In the course of the configuration, the user can design suitable terminals, adapters, etc.. The product catalogue contains their own as well as third-party products. Not only can several busbar systems be configured and connected for one enclosure, but busbar systems can also be extended into other enclosures.

Additional busbar systems can easily be added to or removed from a project based on rules. Switching between the displayed busbar systems and extending or shortening busbars is also possible. The user can inspect the result in the control cabinet(s) at any time. Furthermore, the user has the option of changing the dimensions of the enclosure or selecting a different enclosure.

The configured systems are displayed in 3D. The customer can conveniently rotate their configured project using the mouse and examine it from all sides. As an additional feature, the power loss of the busbar system is calculated.

Details of the documentation can be recorded via dialogue boxes. The geometry of the configured rail systems can be exported in the formats OBJ, 3DS, DXF with binding dimensions. In doing so, the planning can be further used, for example, in the context of building planning or in Wöhner's Augmented Reality App. The parts list for enquiries and orders is available as a CSV download.

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