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Product configurator WAGO GmbH & Co. KG

Smart Designer - Terminal Block and Electrical Configurator

Connection and automation technology


950 Million euros

Revenue (approx.)


Employees (approx.)

The business needs

In WAGO’s field of expertise a tool for planning is essential. Each component must be placed with exact precision, hundreds of electrical rules and guidelines have to be followed – in other words without a competent tool thousands of mistakes are just waiting to be made.

WAGO was aware of this long before they came to Resolto and provided their customers with a media-based (CD) application. At the time it was a forward way of thinking, but over time the need to overcome the flaws of offline tools became more apparent.

So eventually WAGO decided it was necessary to provide their customers with an online solution. Offering them up-to-date software, user-friendly interfaces and 3D planning with access to their projects from anywhere in the world.

One of the many reasons WAGO decided to use CONFIGON to develop this application was Resolto’s previous web-based configurators which proved, that among developing configurators for complex products, CONFIGON had also mastered the projection of 3D projects online, without needing any proprietary plugins or additional installation.

The solution

The Smart Designer is a high-performance online planning tool that enables WAGO’s customers to easily plan, label and order WAGO’s products. Whilst doing so, the Smart Designer seamlessly integrates into WAGO’s infrastructure, thus optimising the following internal processes. Experienced, as well as the not so experienced, planners will feel at home with this software. Wizards guide the user through a quick and easy configuration, only asking for necessary information, whilst giving the user the option to define further details.

Whilst the user is planning their project the configurator continuously checks for errors. The applications offers solutions stored in so called “quick fixes” should an error occur, so that the user can make the corrections with a simple click of the mouse.

Besides all the technical functions, such as the labelling tool, this software also enables users to work on the same project together via the “Friend List”. Making communication and planning even easier. Maintaining the Smart Designer is also designed to make it simple for WAGO’s employees to work on articles, rules and selected settings without any programming knowledge. One example is CONFIGON’s client specific rule language that enables the easy integration of logical, mechanical or electrical regularities.

At the end of the configuration, once the project is error-free, the user can request a quotation. Furthermore the Smart Designer generates a complete parts list, which includes customer specific prices, as well as a user-specific and template-driven documentation of the project. The user can also download the individual configuration as a binding CAD file in 2D or 3D, so that it can be directly imported into CAD systems.

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The benefits

The Smart Designer has been assisting users with the configuration of complex projects since 2012 and is continuously being enhanced by WAGO and Resolto. Its capability of making such a complicated and time consuming process quick and simple has put WAGO ahead of its fellow competitors. Furthermore WAGO is now able to provide their customers with the newest version and most current item data. Once again, ensuring WAGO’s customers and users have the best possible planning experience.

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