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Product configurator Kesseböhmer Holding KG

tRACK - Shelving System Configurator

Kesseböhmer Holding KG is an owner-managed company, which focus on metal processing. Functional fittings for furniture, shopfitting and surface finishing are a part of the wide product range. Since its foundation in 1954, tradition and innovation have been combined, which has enabled the company to grow rapidly. Today, Kesseböhmer employs 3000 people at 9 locations and has become a leading company for kitchen equipment.

Kesseböhmers modular rack system „tRACK“ is timeless with its minimalistic design. Our configurator fits perfectly for their product, because we can easily handle the various personalization possibilities. In order to fulfill customer wishes fast and easily, Kesseböhmer uses CONFIGON. With our configurator, both end customers and Kesseböhmers partner can configure their rack system intuitively. 

CONFIGON enables the user to let their fantasy run free. Therefore, shelves can be planned freely or in an individual room. To support the user from the beginning we give him the opportunity to edit pre-configured rack systems individual. So, the customer gets optimal support and is inspired. Also, CONFIGON checks the configuration on technical functionality. For example, the load on the base plates is designed in accordance with DIN68874 L75 and later given with the assembly instructions. Necessary ceiling connections get set automatically as well.

Visualizations make constructions easier, which is why CONFIGON renders the shelves photorealistic. If the user wants to plan directly in a room, he can add various room elements, like windows or roof slopes, in order to avoid errors from the beginning. Furthermore, we gave Kesseböhmer the opportunity to add accessories, such as mounting brackets, which increases cross-selling effects.

In one project several rack systems can be planned simultaneously and moved via drag & drop. Special features such as areal conditions get acknowledged, which is why rack systems can only be placed, where it is plausible. The user gets notified of possible collisions and had the opportunity to fix his shelf.

Our tRACK configurator is versatile. End customers can plan their rack system and order it directly via shopfinder function from a retailer near them. On the other hand, retailers can use the configurator not only for planning, but also for order processing. But that is not all! Assembly instructions, safety instructions, etc. are generated automatically and made available after the order is completed. 

Timeless and versatile – that are CONFIGON and tRACK!

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