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Product configurator for enclosures & control cabinets

Enclosures and control cabinets are complex products that are bound by a multitude of mathematical rules. Due to the numerous dependencies and possible combinations of the individual components, the manual processing of orders is time-consuming and error-prone.

A product configurator takes over routine activities such as the quotation process and streamlines subsequent processes. The result: individual enclosures can be offered at a competitive price and configured within a few clicks. Download the white paper now to find out more!

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Error-free configuration

thanks to the integrated set of rules

24/7 self-service

directly in the browser

Data generation

From quotation to production

What benefits does a product configurator provide for you?  

With the 2D/3D product configurator CONFIGON, you and your customers can comfortably configure enclosures and control cabinets. The integrated set of rules takes all rules into account and checks the configuration for plausibility. Every configured enclosure is therefore error-free, which increases customer satisfaction and reduces the rejection rate.

The CONFIGON product configurator is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your customer can configure his desired enclosure directly in the browser via drag & drop. He is supported by various assistants right from the start. For example, suggestions can be made for the placement of mounting plates: modular installation system or direct floor mounting after all? 

Furthermore, your enclosure configurator can be connected to industry-specific interfaces such as ELBRIDGE in addition to the usual interfaces, e.g. PIM and ERP.

Would you like to learn more? Check out the free online demo now!

More benefits
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Fibox GmbH

FXCad – Enclosure Configurator

Configurator – The highlights:

  • 2D configuration and 3D visualisation
  • Adaption of CAD files
  • Automatically generates files for the machinery
  • Calculates prices right down to the machine cost

Günther Spelsberg GmbH + Co. KG

Enclosure and control cabinet configurator

Configurator – The highlights:

  • Wizard to support the user
  • Integration of interfaces to PIM, CRM and for the first time ELBRIDGE in the new version 2.0
  • Collision and plausibility check including assistance
  • Configuration via drag & drop