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Product configurator for system furniture

Different customer preferences and varying room situations require individual solutions. Furniture systems must be flexible and multifunctional. In addition, the buying behaviour of consumers is changing, which means that more and more furniture is being bought in online shops.

With a product configurator, your customers can find your individual furniture design within a few clicks. Photo-realistic 3D graphics and pre-configured products optimally support your customers in their decision. Download the white paper now to find out more!

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3D configuration

Photo-realistic product presentation

Multi-channel distribution

Connection to e-commerce

Inspire customers

With preconfigured products

What benefits does a product configurator provide for you?

With the CONFIGON product configurator, users can configure their furniture intuitively by drag & drop. By selecting pre-configured pieces of furniture, every user can choose his or her suitable entry point into the configuration. Thanks to predefined rules and the plausibility check, only matching items can be combined. All needed conditions such as sloping ceilings, windows and doors are taken into account.

To maximise your sales, the product configurator also suggests suitable accessories (guided selling). The finished piece of furniture or project can then be ordered via your own online shop or from a specialist retailer.

Would you like to learn more? Check out the free online demo now!

More benefits
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Kesseböhmer GmbH

tRACK - Shelving System Configurator

Product portfolio:

Shelf and furniture systems

Configurator – The highlights:

  • Direct ordering from specialist retailers using the shop finder function
  • Pre-configured products offer inspiration and make getting started easier
  • Integration of existing room elements, e.g. doors
  • Planning of several shelving systems in the room at the same time possible
  • Production- and packing data optimisation
  • Recommendation of suitable accessories

Alape GmbH

Washplace Configurator

Product portfolio:

Washbasins, furniture, lamps, mirrors

Configurator – The highlights

  • 3D configuration in a room
  • Easy to handle
  • Intelligent product filtering
  • Animation of complex articles
  • Dimensioning up to 0.1 mm
  • Photorealistic renderings
  • Design modification of complex assemblies