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2D/3D<br />planning


Exact, error-free 2D/3D planning in HTML5


No<br />installations


Open browser and get started - responsive, no plugins needed


Process<br />optimization


From configuring right through to manufacturing


Intuitive for you<br />and your customers

Intuitive for you
and your customers

Increase satisfaction and turnover - step by step


Productconfigurator CONFIGON

With CONFIGON you can configure complex products error-free in 2D or 3D - from the presentation straight into production. Customizable products can easily be configured.

What are the advantages of using CONFIGON?

Our product configurator CONFIGON is individually adapted to your product and its requirements.

Endless options

Every industry, every business has specific requirements. Therefore, our module-based configurator is flexibly designed to combine standardization with individualization. CONFIGON can adapt to your wishes and goals. Let us team up and develop a configurator tailored to your needs.

With our product configurator CONFIGON, products can be configured down to the smallest detail.

Precision in every last detail

CONFIGON configures products with a level of precision of down to 0.1 mm. This degree of accuracy makes it possible to generate data, such as CAD files, installation and assembly plans, photorealistic renderings etc. all automatically. The configuration can go directly into production.

With our product configurator CONFIGON you always configure products without errors.

Error rate smaller than ever

Error-free configurations result in satisfied customers and save alot of time and money. With CONFIGON even complex, technical products can be configured error-free. The integrated rulebook and the plausibility check can be used role-dependent. Thus, prospective buyers as well as professionals can achieve exact planning.

CONFIGON is based on a licensing model that provides a transparent overview of your costs.

Transparent license model

We want your configurator to be used. Therefore we do not limit the number of users
per server and country.  The costs of use of CONFIGON should be plannable and transparent for you - without any surprises.

With our product configurator CONFIGON you optimize internal processes.

Time saving

Our configurator makes it possible to optimize all kinds of processes. CONFIGON speeds up planning and production. Preparing quotations is made easier. The broad range of standard features will help you to reach your company's goals.

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Customer experiences

What customers say

  • With the help from CONFIGON customers can configure our products easily and fast. Thanks to the intuitive user guidance no time-consuming introduction is needed.

    Tobias Berner
    Product Management Power
    Murrelektronik GmbH

  • A major benefit of CONFIGON is that we can maintain our data independent and fast.

    Ulrich Gimpel
    General Manager
    SNR Wälzlager GmbH

  • While working with the competent team from CONFIGON, we designed our configurator to be intuitive to use. The configured products are always error-free and thats why we can use the data right to the production. So, our following internal workflows gets significantly speeded up and made easier.

    Nina Wiebesiek
    Digital Management

  • With the help of the WAGO Smart Designer our customers can easily put WAGO components together and check the configuration on plausibility. Working with the team of Resolto all our specific needs can be worked on.

    Simone Brinkmann-Tewes
    Head of smartDATA Engineering
    WAGO Kontakttechnik

  • Within a few weeks our product configurator was completed. All our wishes, needes and rules were taken into account.

    Hans-Martin Reimler
    Managing Director
    Fibox GmbH