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Guide: Product configurator (CPQ), filter & finder


Overview // Summary

Product filter

  • By selecting product properties (e. g. colour), products are filtered
  • Particular used in online shops
  • Suitable for simple products with different features
  • Within a few clicks to the desired product

Product finder

  • By answering questions, suitable products are displayed
  • Extended product filter with search function
  • Suitable for non-customisable products
  • Facilitates the sales process

Product configurator

  • Through selection & combination of product components individual products are created
  • Works as an interface between production, sales & customers
  • Suitable for complex, customisable products
  • Speeds up quotation and manufacturing processes
  • Enables individual solutions up to batch size 1


Definition, functions and areas of application

What is a product filter?

The product filter is the simplest and cheapest solution for selecting products and items. With the help of a product filter, products can be filtered and sorted according to various features and properties, e. g. colour and shape. Therefore, it is possible to select suitable products from a large number of products. Depending on which and how many filters are selected, many, one or no products are displayed. When products are displayed, they always fit to the user’s criteria.

The use of a product filter is useful when products with many different characteristics are offered. Product filters are particularly suitable for online shops that offer many types of products. For example, fashion shops can give their customer the option of filtering the type of clothing (trousers, top, …) or the size (S, M, L, …). Slider and number filters can also be used to specify the maximum budget or the price of the clothes.

Source: Zalando, 2022


What is a product finder?

A product finder is an extended product filter that supports customers in their product search and optimises it. By answering predefined questions, the customer is guided to the needed product. Product finders follows the assumption that customers who specifically search for a product are more likely to buy it than customers who only browse.

In addition, product finders often contain a search function that can also be used to find specific products. Like the product filter, product finders are primarily suitable for simple products that cannot be customised. The product finder supports the user in the search and selection of predefined products.

Product finders can be easily integrated into online shops. An example of this is the tool from Elektra, with which people can find the desired LED solution step by step. After answering the first question ("What type of light do you prefer?“), further questions follow until finally the right light is displayed.


What is a product configurator (CPQ)?

A product configurator is a software with which products are individually created by selecting, combining and modifying product components. The user is supported by 2D and 3D visualisations. The configuration of the components follows defined rules (rule engine). In this way, only producible, error-free products can be configured.

The terms configurator, variant configurator, quotation configurator (CPQ) and sales configurator are often used as synonyms for a product configurator. CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solutions can be used to configure customised products (C), calculate their price (P) and create a quote (Q).

Complex product configurators include both the quotation configuration (CPQ) and the design / development (configuration) of the products. In addition, a product configurator can be connected to various interfaces and thus cover further functions. For example, a product configurator can generate parts lists by connecting to the ERP, generate production or machine data or be connected directly to the online shop.

Product configurators are suitable for companies that offer customisable and variant-rich products. They make it possible to offer products up to batch size 1 at almost constant costs and quality. Product configurators can usually be operated by employees and customers themselves. This satisfies the increasing desire for individualisation and "mass customisation".

What are the benefits of a product filter?

Saving time

in just a few clicks to the desired product

Higher customer satfiscation

through optimsed product selection


through simple design


through quick and easy integration

What are the benefits of a product finder?

Optimised product search

through search functions

Higher customer satisfaction

through intuitive operation

Step by step to the right product

through guiding questions

Easy implementation

through simple design

What are the benefits of a product configurator (CPQ)?

Take of the load of employees

by taking over routine activities

Higher customer satisfaction

through individual solutions

Increased efficiency

through faster planning, sales & manufacturing processes

Errorer-free quotations

and fewer reclamations

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