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Product configurator Alape GmbH

Washplace Configurator

"Premium Solutions for interior architecture" – The traditional company Alape GmbH is a premium supplier of built-in and countertop washbasins, washstands and complete washing places.

The "My-Alape Configurator" offers every visitor a perfect introduction into the world of washbasin planning – no installations or proprietary plug-ins needed. Interested customers can start their configuration by browsing through inspiring scenarios, whilst professional planners can let their creative juices run wild straight away in an empty room.

Simply drag & drop! The configuration follows a simple principle: "Click on what you would like to configure". Even the placing and positioning couldn't be easier: just drag and drop. All the while the configurator works in the background, making sure that no mistakes are made, without setting any unnecessary limitations. For example, the room dimensions can be changed at any time, even during the configuration. This is down to a rule-engine that can be maintained by Alape themselves. The constraints included in the rule-engine can be imported from pre-existing ERP, such as Navision.

Of course a team of experts at Alape is ready to assist the user with their configuration. All they have to do is share their project id, so that the Alape team can also see the project. The project id also enables the user to come back to their project at any time and share it with their friends.

To make the planning experience even more personal, the user can personalise the walls and the floors either via a library full of different textures or by uploading photos of the actual room. Opening and closing cupboards and draws through animation adds a special touch to the planning experience. Once the planning is complete the configurator generates a document with a precise assembly plan, instructions, bill of materials incl. pricing, photorealistic renderings and even CAD files which is sent straight to the user's e-mail address.

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