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Product configurator Elektra GmbH

LED Configurator

The challenges

Enable individual solutions

The design of the lighting situation and the nature of the light sources must be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. At the same time, individual LED solutions must be produced economically, even with small batch sizes.

Online shop optimisation

Ordering lights via paper catalogues or Excel lists is tedious. In order to offer the entire product portfolio more easily and quickly, a B2B webshop is suitable. To maximise its comfort and speed, a new tool is necessary.

The solution

With the help of the lighting configurator, both staff and customers can plan individual LED solutions. Customer-specific requirements can be constructed as special solutions with just a few clicks. CONFIGON integrates seamlessly into Elektra's B2B webshop. The connection of CONFIGON with the Magento shop system creates an uncomplicated and digital ordering system, which shortens delivery times.

The user is guided step by step to the individual LED solution. Thanks to the set of rules, only components that are compatible with each other are suggested. For example, only control gear with enough power is suggested. Every configuration is therefore error-free. The procedure is always the same: first, the type of lighting system, the profile and the type of LED are specified. Then suitable covers and accessories are selected. And that's it! The individual light can be ordered directly.

The configuration is carried out in 2D and is also visualised in 3D. A project overview with all relevant information is also generated and contains, for example, information on technology, costs and general product information. Light systems that have already been produced can be duplicated at any time, saved and modified later.

With CONFIGON and ELEKTRA you become a lighting designer!

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The benefits

Digital ordering system

CONFIGON integrates seamlessly into the B2B webshop. A digital ordering system is created with which an offer can be intuitively created and ordered. Internal processes are optimised.

Maximise revenue

Thanks to rule-based article filtering, only suitable articles and accessories are suggested. The additional sale of matching accessories maximises revenue (cross-selling).

Take the load off the employees

CONFIGON takes over routine tasks such as individual consultations of the staff. Each LED configuration can be transferred directly to production. The personnel effort is reduced, costs and time are saved.

Security through project overview

Each light configuration is backed up by a summary of the project. The customer receives all necessary information and thus security about his ordered LED.