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Product configurator Joseph Barthelme GmbH & Co. KG

LED Configurator

The challenges

Enable a wide range of variants

Barthelme's portfolio consists of three product groups: LED components, light lines and linear lights. In order to offer the entire variety of highly complex combination options across products, a planning tool is necessary.

Tailored to individual needs

The design of the lighting situation and the nature of the light sources must be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. At the same time, individual LED solutions must be produced economically, even with small batch sizes. 

The solution

The LED Configurator is a tool for planning individual LED solutions for indoor and outdoor use. The application possibilities are flexible. Whether as a sales tool for employees or as a self-service tool for customers, users can find their individual LED light with just a few clicks.

Various questions and selection options guide the user step by step through the configuration. If the light is to be installed outdoors different requirements have to be taken into account than indoors. The light must be more robust and have a higher IP protection. These and similar highly complex dependencies are taken into account by CONFIGON. Only suitable lights and accessories are suggested. If the user is unsure what his selection means for the configured product, he can obtain clarification with the help of information provided. Data sheets, dimensional drawings and explanatory texts are available at any time.

The configuration is done purely in 2D and can be carried out across product groups. This means that all three product groups – LED components, light lines and linear lights – can be configured in the same LED configurator.

In addition, the user is supported by the 3D visualisation of his individual light. At the same time, each individual configuration step is summarised in the project overview. A project can consist of several different lights, which can be duplicated and removed. Modifications can thus be implemented easily and directly.

Barthelme and CONFIGON bring light into rooms and configurations!

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The benefits

Configuration across product groups

The entire product portfolio, from LED strips and power supply units to light lines and specific linear lights, can be configured in the same product configurator. All highly complex dependencies and rules, such as DIN standards, are taken into account. Every configured individual LED is technically feasible.

Document generation

CONFIGON generates all necessary production files automatically. Parts lists including specific accessories, the type codes of the LED units and other information are summarised in a clear project overview. This can be made accessible to the customer and supplemented by data sheets, catalogues, etc.

Take the load off the staff

CONFIGON takes over routine tasks such as individual consultations of staff. Each LED configuration can be transferred directly to production. The personnel effort is reduced, costs and time are saved.

Increased customer loyalty

The 3D visualisation makes the LED experience tangible. Every change to the individual LED solution is visualised. The ability to move and change the light freely strengthens the emotional bond with the product.

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