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Online configurator – Precision up to 0,1 mm

Wöhner is an international working company which offers solutions for the safe use of electrical energy. As a specialist for electrotechnical fuse systems, Wöhner produces and sells products like bus bar systems.

Wöhner bus bar configurator

CONFIGON gives interested customers and Wöhner’s employees the opportunity to configure their own bus bar system. All elements can be configured online and can be visualized in control cabinets afterwards. Thus, shows how space-saving Wöhner’s products really are.

Our 3D-configurator integrates seamlessly in Wöhner’s system environment and builds on their workflows. Therefore, complex bus bar systems can easily and intuitively be configured. First, the user defines the requirements (e.g. current strength, needed voltage etc.). Suitable busbar systems are then offered and evaluated. He can then design suitable terminals, adapters, etc. on this busbar during the configuration process. Wöhner offers own and third-party items.

Furthermore, CONFIGON configures multiple bus bar systems in one control cabinet and can also connect different bus bar systems in other control cabinets. Easily the user can add or remove various bus bar systems from his current project based on rules. A change between the displayed systems and an extension or shortening is also possible. The result can be inspected at any time in the control cabinet. Also the dimensions of the control cabinet can be changed, or a different one can be chosen.

Thanks to the 3D visualization, the user can rotate his configured product and view all sides and details. As an additional feature the power dissipation of the bus bar system gets calculated. With the help of dialog boxes details of the configuration are documented. The final configured system can be downloaded as OBJ, 3DS, DXF. The planning can thus be reused, for example, in the context of building planning or in Wöhner's Augmented Reality App. The parts list is as a CSV export available.