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Erima meets CONFIGON - Creating personalized jerseys

ERIMA is a traditional German sport brand with subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The company develops, produces and sells textiles and accessories that are suitable for nearly every type of sport. Erima jersey configurator

And now you can design your own jerseys!
Thanks to myErima, ERIMA now offers their specialist retailers an online tool with an integrated jersey configurator. Teams can easily configure and personalise their jerseys online on ERIMA's website and order them via "their" sport shop - an easy to use order service that ERIMA offers their specialist retailers and customers.

Get inspired. Configure. Order.
Once the user has browsed through ERIMA's online shop and found the jersey they love, they are lead through an easy to use configurator. Within a few clicks the design, cut and colour of the jersey is configured. Finally, the jersey is personalised with the player's name and number and the team's logo. 3D photorealistic renderings of the kit let the user see exactly what they are designing throughout the whole process. It's never been easier to design the kit for a whole team!

Once the user is happy with their design, the configuration is sent off to a specialist retailer along with all the information needed for the order and production.