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A simple introduction into the complex world of inverter configuration

Delta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH develops, produces and sells innovative customer specific and standardized energy supply solutions worldwide. The company distinguishes itself as one of the most important suppliers of energy supply solutions due to their global presence and extensive product portfolio.

The SOLVIA PV Planner developed by Resolto enables interested customers to easily enter the complex world of inverter layout, whilst experts can also reach an optimal inverter configuration suggestion within just a few mouse clicks. Refined algorithms deliver ideal technical compilations of Delta inverters for the customer’s individually configured PV scenario, within seconds. The required parameters to do this can be individually configured by the client with help from a PV module database with over 30,000 models. The resulting PDF report combines the results of the configuration clearly, thus supporting the installers and system planners with their work and customer talks.

Due to the integration into Delta’s Cloud environment Resolto’s application inserts itself seamlessly into the existing system topography. The internationally used online solution not only respects the regional conditions and range of products, it’s also profitable in scenarios without an internet connection, as a cross-platform desktop version.

After Resolto’s configurator has been put into operation by simply taking over the existing data with very little effort, Resolto’s years of experience with knowledge management systems enables the customer to easily maintain various databases thus reducing the amount of maintenance.