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Josef Barthelme GmbH & Co. KG

individual LED-solutions

Operating on the international stage, Josef Barthelme GmbH & Co. KG is a proprietor-run family business based in Nuremberg, Germany. Barthelme develops, produces and sells high-quality LED solutions for indoor and outdoor use. Founded in 1931, the company has evolved over the years from distributor to manufacturer.

Barthelme LED configurator

The aim was to avoid unnecessary points of contacts. This makes it possible to ensure short delivery times while providing maximum flexibility. To achieve these goals, Barthelme sets store by CONFIGON. The configurator seamlessly integrates into the existing system environment, speeding up internal processes.

Barthelme's portfolio comprises many different products and services. CONFIGON gives the customer the capability of configuring individually tailored LED solutions that are based on this portfolio.

Step by step, various questions and options guide the user through the configuration process. If the user is unsure as to what a selected option means for the configured product, information is provided that elucidate the consequences.  Data sheets, dimensional drawings and explanatory texts are always available to the user.

In addition to this, the user is assisted by a 3D visualization of the product configured. Every single configuration step is also summarized in the project overview. A project may consist of several configurations that can be duplicated and removed. This way, modifications can be made easily and directly.

Our configurator automatically generates parts lists and other data that can be used for production. A PDF document containing all relevant information is generated for the user. Besides the project overview, Barthelme can also provide the customer with data sheets, catalogues, etc.

Barthelme and CONFIGON bring a whole new ray of light to rooms and configurations!