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CONFIGON gets successfully used in every industry

One configurator – Endless possibilities!

Every industry and every business have specific requirements. Therefore, we have standardized flexibility in our configurator. Thus, we combine many years of experience and proven reliability in various industries with the necessary freedom to make CONFIGON the perfect configuration tool for almost any application.

Complex electrical and technical products, personalized jerseys, bespoke washbasin units, or something completely different? CONFIGON is already successfully in use in these and many other fields of application and ready to implement your goals and requirements.

Talk to us. Together, we will find the right application – for your company and industry!


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Our product configurator CONFIGON is already successful in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering.

Mechanical + Electrical engineering

Whether housings, switch cabinets, terminals or electric cylinders – machines and electrical equipment are highly complex products.

They are subject to a whole raft of mathematical and logical rules. This makes customized designs extremely time-consuming and cost intensive. Permanent technological change, however, is constantly pushing up the demand for new designs.

The integrated rulebook and plausibility check ensure that electrical, mechanical, mathematical and logical regularities are met. For example, direct allowance is made for all maximum values, e.g. for voltage. This makes it possible to configure any highly complex product without errors.


Our product configurator CONFIGON is already successfully operating in the system furniture sector.

System furniture

Let your imagination run free.

Long gone are the days when furniture was simply used for storage or as seating. It expresses an individual's personality. Every room, every individual is unique. Widely differing customer preferences and varying room situations call for individually tailored solutions. System furniture can be combined and adapted in any chosen way.

Click the products and get started. Whether drawers, cabinets or washbasins – the user can combine and adapt everything in compliance with the rules. The design is displayed photo realistically and converted into assembly plans, CAD data etc. with binding dimensions.

The result: satisfied customers!


Our product configurator CONFIGON is already successfully operating in the lighting sector.


Technological change is taking place in every industry. Products are needing to become ever more efficient, durable and sustainable. For example, the light bulb has been replaced by the LED. LEDs are extremely variable, cost-efficient and energy-saving light sources. They can take on many different forms and colors.

CONFIGON can assist you in structuring the countless possible combinations. Individual modules and their components can be adapted to suit any specific application. This not only provides speed and flexibility in implementing designs but also ensures customer satisfaction as the prime goal.


Our product configurator CONFIGON is already successful in the field of personalization.


Glasses, shoes, bags, mobile phone covers and many other things – nowadays, virtually every product can be personalized!

Without the right software support, the design and construction of personalized products is usually time and cost consuming. With CONFIGON your products can be configured flexibly and quickly. The 3D data generated by CONFIGON can immediately be used for 3D printing.

The usage of our configurator is very easy. No previous knowledge or programming skills are required. The user is guided through the configuration with the help of wizards and suggestions. Here, top priority is given to user-friendliness and customer satisfaction.

Every product, from whichever industry, can be custom designed – that makes CONFIGON unique!


Our product configurator CONFIGON is already successful in the field of renewable energies.

Renewable energies

Solar power installations, photovoltaic systems, … – a change in society

The awareness for sustainability is growing all the time. Renewable energies are continuing to gain importance. Long term, fossil energy sources are to be replaced by renewable energies.

Different locations, roof shapes, interfering surfaces etc. require customized solutions. Complex components must be produced with all parameters geared to the specific situation. During configuration, CONFIGON not only considers the legal and physical guidelines, but also optimizes the configured system in terms of price and efficiency.


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