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CONFIGON supports the user with preconfigured products and notes.

system-based user guidance

The user-friendliness of our configurator has top priority. Customers want to configure their products quickly and easily, experts do not want to be slowed down by too much guidance. We validate the intuitive usability of CONFIGON with specially designed test procedures and complete this with system-internal user support, such as automatic product and selection filters and wizards.

CONFIGON assists the user through various features, such as:

  • Pre-configured products
    Make it easier to start any configuration. They provide the basis and can be extended and modified in any chosen way. The different ways and suggestions for extending the configurator are governed by your rulebook. It can be created on your own and permits the error-free configuration of complex products.
  • Wizards
    Our configurator can "think" for itself too. Assistants, also called wizards, guide the user through the configuration step by step. For example, rule-based filters are applied and selections made all automatically. If help is needed, your support team can log into the configuration.
  • Suggested accessories
    During the configuration accessories can be actively suggested, which speeds up and facilitate the planning. In addition, your cross-selling will increase, which increases your turnover.