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CONFIGONs has a tool for rule maintenance and a tool for changing product definitions and the like.

Independent data maintenance

Data maintenance has never been so efficient!

We give you the freedom to maintain your articles and rules in CONFIGON independently. The maintenance can be done without programming knowledge. You save implementation costs, remain independent and flexible.

Over time, products, their requirements and possibilities change. Possibly

  • you got new articles in your assortment?
  • DIN standards or similar has changed?
  • you want to define editable surfaces of products?

All articles, including accessories, can be kept up to date by you. For this purpose you have various tools and processes at your disposal, which enable you to maintain articles and rules independently.

CONFIGON allows you to model processes in the configurator independently using a graphical interface. For example, you can easily adapt configuration wizards, which guide the user step by step through the configuration, according to your wishes and specifications. Content, decision trees, article filtering, etc. can be freely adapted without programming knowledge. The result: Even complex products can be configured error-free right from the start by users without detailed product knowledge.