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CONFIGON integrates into existing system environments.

seamless integration

CONFIGON seamlessly integrates into your company's existing environments. This helps to gain new information, identify relationships and avoids redundant information. The information gained can be used to optimize your sales and production processes.

Our configurator, for example, integrates into:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP)
    CONFIGON uses article data, price lists and other information from your ERP. In return, CONFIGON returns configuration data to your ERP system. For example, EDI interfaces are operated, bills of material are generated or data is provided that is needed for planning and execution of further process steps.
  • Product Information systems (PIM)
    Your catalog and product information can be integrated directly into our configurator. Therefore, the user has access to data sheets, safety instructions and general product data.
  • Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)
    Customer information, such as the shipping address or discounts, can be used during quotation.

CONFIGON automatically converts configuration data into technical data. The data can be used directly for production, simplifying and speeding up subsequent processes.

In addition to this, our configurator can be easily integrated into your website!