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Why companies rely on product configurators – the benefits of a product configurator

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At a time when customers take customised solutions for granted, tools such as product configurators are becoming increasingly relevant. The (online) sale of products is also changing more and more in the direction of direct-to-customer (D2C) sales.

In this blog post, we will highlight the features and benefits of a product configurator for companies and show why they rely on product configurators.

Further information can be found in our factsheet ‘Why companies rely on product configurators’. Simply download it for free and find out more!

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What is a product configurator?

Before we go into detail about the benefits and features of a product configurator, we first need to understand what a product configurator actually is. A product configurator is a software solution for configuring complex products in 2D and 3D. Customers have the opportunity to customise the characteristics of a product according to their individual requirements. The selected characteristics are immediately visualised so that the individual product can be viewed in advance.

Powerful product configurators offer more than just CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software, as they optimise the entire process from planning and quotation through to production. Not only quotations are created at the click of a button, but also production data and documentation for the customer.

What features does a cross-process product configurator offer?

A product configurator offers basic features such as 2D visualisation and an online function. Powerful product configurators can offer much more than this and can be easily expanded thanks to their modular structure. These include the following features, for example:

Set of rules and plausibility check

The set of rules and the plausibility check guarantee error-free configurations. In case of problems, the product configurator offers quick fixes to help users find a solution: Where does the problem occur and how can it be resolved?

Graphical configuration in 3D

Configurations can be performed in 2D and 3D. The optimal display is selected automatically. The user is thus always given an overall picture of the product, which simplifies the processing of the products.

Independent data maintenance

Few providers offer their customers a crucial advantage: the configurator can be maintained independently via a central tool, without any coding knowledge.

Document and data generation

A product configurator can automatically generate quotations, parts lists, CAD data, dimensional drawings and other relevant documents.

What are the benefits of a product configurator?

Product configurators allow customers to express their ideas and requirements in the design of a product, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood of purchase. But what are the benefits for companies and their employees?

Speed up the sales process

Routine activities such as creating quotes are taken over by the product configurator, leaving more time for customer support. This speeds up the sales process and leads to more efficient processing.

Opening up a new sales channel

A product configurator is suitable both for customers themselves and for internal sales. Customers can fulfil their individual requirements and companies can use the configurator as an effective sales tool.

Error-free configurations

To avoid incorrect configurations, a product configurator only allows valid combinations. This reduces complaints and increases customer satisfaction.

Increase in sales

A product configurator can increase sales through guided selling, pre-configured products and suggestions for suitable items (cross selling and up selling).

Efficient variant management

Product configurators provide a clear overview of a wide range of products and allow customers to customise them according to their requirements. Various options such as sizes, materials and functions are available to choose from.

Recognising trends and correlations

A product configurator gives meaningful key figures on utilisation, e.g. by region or product. This data makes it possible to optimise the product portfolio and marketing activities.

Product configurator in action

The introduction of the ENYGUIDE product configurator at Gustav Hensel GmbH & Co. KG simplifies the planning of enclosures and distribution systems. The aim is to improve the planning, production and distribution of products.

Enclosures and distribution systems configurator

Configurator – the highlights:

  • Each configuration is technically usable and can be produced without further testing
  • Consideration of electrotechnical values and power loss
  • Hensel can maintain the articles, rules and product data independently – without programming knowledge
  • 3D configuration via drag & drop, necessary accessories are added automatically


For which industries is a product configurator particularly important?

Product configurators are important in almost every industry, as customers increasingly expect customised solutions. They are already being used successfully in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, enclosures and control cabinets, system furniture and lighting.

Mechanical & electrical engineering

Whether control cabinets, terminals, etc. – the integrated set of rules and the plausibility check ensure that all regularities are met.

Furniture & interior design

Whether shelves, cabinets or washbasins — with a product configurator, your products can be graphically configured via drag & drop.


A product configurator supports you in marketing the countless variants of your lighting systems. Step by step, the individual LED solution is created.


Product configurators offer companies a solution for current and future challenges. More and more customers expect customised solutions at a constant price. A product configurator speeds up quotation, planning and production processes, increases sales and customer satisfaction. When implementing a product configurator, you should rely on a partner who will support you right from the start.

The factsheet provides you with further information on why you should rely on a product configurator.


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